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Pete the Purple Bull is a program of QC United, a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Photo of a stock image car with the words 'Pete's Car and Scholarship Give-Away! Win a brand new car or one of four $2,500.00 scholarships!'

Car Give-Away

Attention High School Seniors

(And Friends & Family...)

Graduating high school seniors attending a Scott County or Rock Island County high school in the Spring of 2020, who have plans to do one of the following:

  1. attend college
  2. attend an accredited training program
  3. enter the military

Also have a chance to WIN A BRAND NEW CAR or one of four $2,500 college scholarships!

For each $20 donation made in the student's name to Pete the Purple Bull's Bully Prevention Program, the student will be entered to win a brand new car valued at $24,000 provided by Courtesy Ford (or the student can elect to accept a $15,000 college scholarship). Four $2,500 scholarships will also be awarded!

* These prize levels are guaranteed of 3,000 donations are received. If less than 3,000 donations are received, the car becomes a vash prize with the payout amount dependent on the percentage of donations collected. The amount of the scholarships will also be reduced based on the percentage of donations collected. See all rules and guidelines below.

Drawing held June 18th, 2020

at the Rogalski Center, St. Ambrose University
518 W. Locust St. Davenport, IA 52803

Rules/guidelines: In order to qualify asd a winner in this contest, all rules and guidelines listed here must be accepted:1) Must be 18 years of age by August 1st, 2020 to win, 2) must be a graduating senior from a Scott or Rock Island County high school and 3) must be planning to attend college, an accredited training program or entering the military in the Fall of 2020. 4) In order for the car to be given away, 3000 donations must be collected. 5) If fewer than 3000 donations are collected, the car drawing becomes a cash drawing with the payout percentage dependent on the number of donations made. For example, if 2000 donations are received, then 67% of the goal would be reached. The grand prize then will be 67% of $15,000. which would become a cash prize of $10,050.00. All scholarships would be reduced by 33% resulting in four scholarship payouts of $1,675.00 each. 6) All donations must be made in the graduate’s name but there is no limit to the number of donations that can be made. 7) All winners must show proof of enrollment in an accredited college or training program or must show proof of entering the military. 8) Winners do not need to be present at the drawing that will be held at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa on 6/18/2020. (All winners will be contacted within two days of the drawing). 9.) Winners will have 30 days to provide required documentation or the prize will be forfeited. 10.) The winner of the car will be responsible for all taxes, insurance and service fees. 11) Donations/entries can be made online at qcunited.org/donate or by mailing the entry form and a $20 check made out to QC United and mailed to: QC United P.O. Box 1388 Bettendorf, Iowa 52722 12) All entries must be received by June 15th, 2020.

Example of how payouts will be managed:

If the goal of 3000 donations is reached...
then one graduate’s name will be drawn to win a brand new car worth approximately $24,000 (or he/she may choose a scholarship in the amount of $15,000 instead). Four other students will each receive a $2500 higher education scholarship. Remaining funds will support Pete the Purple Bull’s Bully Prevention Programs in area elementary schools.

If less than 3000 donations are received... then all Give-Aways become scholarships and the amount given is equal to the percentage of the donations received. For example, if 2000 donations/entries occur, then 67% of the goal was reached. The grand winner will receive 67% of $15,000 which is a scholarship in the amount of $10,050 and each of the four other winners will receive scholarships in the amount of $1,675. The remaining funds will support Pete’s Bully Prevention Program in elementary schools.

High Schools in Rock Island & Scott County can BENEFIT too!

When a high school accepts 300 or more donation forms, and shares them with eligible graduating seniors & their families for completion, the school collecting the most donations wins $1000. The school collecting the 2nd most donations wins $500.
To be eligible for this contect, the schools must collect a minimum of 300 donations.

Car Flyer

View the Online Donation & Car Give-Away Entry Form here.

Download the Car Flyer for Schools here.

Download the Car Give-Away flyer here.